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Alison first started looking for nurseries for her eldest child Grace now 15, when she wanted to return to work after maternity. Grace (then  9 months),  unfortunately as with so many children, had other ideas and did not want to go to nursery, a battle of wills ensued and the stress of dropping off a screaming little girl became too unbearable and very prison like. Luckily for Alison her retired mum and dad came to the rescue and like so many grandparents took to look after Grace a couple of times a week.!!!!

When William was born 3 years later, Alison dreaded the experience of looking for a Nursery AGAIN but knew that for her ageing parents 2 children would be a handful. She embarked on a big adventure and set up her own Nursery at 81 Stonegate Road with another mum.

William and Grace very much enjoyed being with mum at work and was very much loved by Helen and Tracy (managers of the setting) and all the other girls. The company grew and so did Alisons family. In 2009 Alison gave birth to her third child Hugo. There was a 10 year gap between Grace 1st born and Hugo. Alison would need to return to work quickly as the business had grown and juggling a baby and 2 other children would need some thought. A nursery was too clinical for such a small baby to take and a childminders did not provide the security and safety of a setting. Becky came to the rescue and became Hugo home from home nanny. This allowed Alison to balance the work life balance and she opened her home to other children to experience the wonders of Super Nanny Becky.

Children Day Care LeedsIn 2012 she opened her home at 79 Stonegate Road, next to the nursery and dedicated it to home from home care. A home from home establishment with the reassurances of Nursery. Nannies who dedicated to the wellbeing of the little ones within their care. It has always been through a recommendation setting and is often filled with the happy laughter of siblings.Children Day Care Leeds

In 2015 Alison demerged from the larger company and is now dedicated to keep the setting small and personal combining Nanny, old fashioned grandparent care but transitioning to Nursery and dedicated to educational learning within the gated sites of 79 and 81 Stonegate Road, Meanwood, Leeds. Hence the company 79 2 81 Stonegate Road Childcare Ltd was borne. The team still remains the same today and Helen, Tracy and Becky are the Managers supported by a small team of Nannies and Child Care Practitioners.

Children Day Care LeedsThe logo represents the commitment to learning with the educational tree as well as lots of fun represented by the little animals that come and pinch letters and numbers each day from the tree to become part of the story and history of the philosophy of 79 2 81 Stonegate Road Childcare Ltd.

As Alison is only too well aware, with her own 3 that each child is an individual and will require different aspects of care, from the love and support of the nanny to the independent growth and daily activities of a nursery setting. All combine the traditional values of manners and respect incorporating the Montessori philosophy with in the early year curriculum.

The Team

When you come to the setting you should always be greeted with a smile by a dedicated team member who each bring with them individual skills and or  experience to the setting.
The team comprises of 15 individuals from Early Year Teacher status (level 6) childcare Practitioner (level 3 and 2) to our newest addition to the team our trainee Apprenticeships. The average age of the staff in the setting is 30 plus.

These 15 individuals operates as a team of practitioners each bringing a wealth of different attributes and ideas to create a fun learning environment to the children. There are a core team of staff who have been with the setting from 3 to 11 years, bringing stability, consistency and resilience to the team. 

The mixed with new practitioners to the industry learning and training which implements new teaching methods, ideas and promotes new practice. Although this is an attribute to any setting it can also create transitional periods.

79 2 81 Stonegate Road Children Day Care LeedsEvery year we are proud to see our members of staff develop and step into their next role either internally or externally. The recruitment of the right members to a team can be challenging and each year we promote safer recruitment and take on new staffing.   
Our philosophy is to ensure all our team are DBS checked and attend regular safeguarding training as well as training in paediatric first aid. There is a commitment to ensure Customer service is of paramount importance and that the team is focused on changing the environment to suit the individual needs of the children.

Training is a high priority to the setting and we have training agencies that regularly attend the setting to deliver on site training in all areas of childcare learning and development.
The setting works closely with local colleges and university students to provide all important hands on life skills working in a setting. These students normally work for group blocks between January to July inclusively.

We believe in the family and here at 79 2 81 we are a unique family of individuals who work together to strive to provide excellent care and attention to your children. All with individual personalities and personal skills.  
If we currently have vacancies and you think you have the skills and experience to join our friendly and family environment.  Please email your cv to nurseryhomefromhome79281@hotmail.com 

Our Furry Friends79 2 81 Stonegate Road Children Day Care Leeds

The setting has a resident Guinea pig (McQueen) the children regularly take him home and look after him during the holiday periods. He is very good with children and likes to be stroked on the nose. The children learn how to feed him and clean him out too. Our parents are great and have even built an outside run for him.

The setting has a resident dog at number 79. She is not always at the setting but makes appearances. She is a chocolate cockerpooh and has been brought up with the children and is now in her midlife. She especially likes to help us clean up after lunch times!!!!! 

Parent  Participation
One of our most important assets of the setting is the relationship of the parents of our children and it is important that parents participation is high on our educational agenda to ensure our standards strive to be the best.

Parent communication and comments are seen as a positive journey to improve services and are very much promoted. The setting relies on good communication between parent and keyworker to let us know if there are any changes as home that may affect the behaviour of the children such as a new baby on the way. Daily feedback is provided and either personal books and online tapestry allows there to be an open flow of communication.
A parent forum meets once a term usually in the surroundings of a nice local venue, where we all discuss any up coming events or issues that may have arisen during the last term. Together we put forward solutions, and parents are actively invited to join in the setting in recruitment and the evaluation of services provided. As the setting is small and unique, it can change to accommodate parents wishes where appropriate.

79 2 81 Stonegate Road Children Day Care LeedsThe setting however, will never be perfect, we have a resident sock Monster that loses socks and items of clothes if they are not clearly marked and as we are dealing with young children our routines will vary upon the individual needs of the children within the setting. Potty Training and sleep routines, can be particularly stressful events for both parents and  children but together we strive to provide a trust where the slightest of concerns are dealt with immediately.


You are welcome to read our testimonials in the setting. We are a word of mouth and recommendation setting. Come and visit us today and have a cup of tea and see if you like us and read the personal notes from parents.


We would love to hear from you!

Telephone: 0113 2757697