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Here at 79 2 81 we like you to take an active role in sharing ‘Your Child's Journey’. With the help of an interactive  secure online application, you can log in from your phone or tablet and look at the photographs and experiences your child has experienced at the setting.  

You too can add to the Journey by posting your own  pictures from home. One of our mums recently posted a picture of her daughter on her tapestry at home, lining up the teddies for registration just like Mysti does in Nursery. We all laughed. 

Ester mum posted a picture of her sitting playing and sitting in a large tub of jelly for texture and sensory. Very Messy mum but Ester enjoyed it.

At the end of your Childs Journey you will receive a soft copy of this memory as a keep sake to store and have forever. 

Here are just an example of some of the pictures:

79 2 81 Stonegate Road Children Day Care Leeds


You are welcome to read our testimonials in the setting. We are a word of mouth and recommendation setting. Come and visit us today and have a cup of tea and see if you like us and read the personal notes from parents.


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