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Some of the activities included in the setting are:

Nose Stations in every room, so children can independently blow their own noses.

Conversation station, for language and Arts

Physical indoor play creative and much much more.

The Ground Floor79 2 81 Stonegate Road Children Day Care Leeds

The main area is a large room to the rear of the building, with construction, role play, book corner, small world and performance area.

A creative area for messy play, sand water and malleable as well as painting, leads into the Montessori activity area, where a wealth of beautiful Montessori resources can be found to help the children understand, respect courtesy and independence. 

Children independently choose their own activity and staff are their as guidance to show and observe the children independently play. 

A number of these activities can be extended to use at home for example see to the right.

Finger play, baking, understanding the world around us, mathematical challenges and interesting resources.

Parents are welcomed with a smile from staff who all hold the appropriate qualifications up to Level 6 or are working towards them. The setting employs 15 staff members over various hours and also support staff including a dedicated cook and administrative support. Staff are deployed in accordance with their level of qualification and expertise in line with the activities and interests of the children within the setting. An example of this would be a level 3 or 4 member of staff paired with a staff member training towards a qualification, to share experience and good practice. The setting operates with dedicated planning co-ordinators in each area from a senior member of staff.


79 2 81 Stonegate Road Children Day Care LeedsThere are 2 main areas for eating in the setting as well as a dedicated snack table.  Our older children predominately eat downstairs and younger children upstairs,  they both regularly set their own tables, with the independent skills they have just learnt.  After each meal they are invited to wash their own dishes in the creative room and wipe and put away.  It is always a hive of activity and learning.

The 1st Floor

Children Day Care Leeds

Is explorative, senses, baking, music, listening and physical play. The setting will change to the individual needs of the children and their individual interests.  In the music area, you may find children listening to digital birds, in cages, tweeting, or making their own music. 

The scensory area, is always exploring taste, touch and listening.  You will also find an interest table of the week.

Physical activity allows children to climb and understand their bodies and individual space in a safe environment.


The children learn through play in small groups of usually 4 children with a dedicated keyperson and utilise all the areas throughout the day.  Work is usually displayed in the various areas of work.

Child centered environment

Practical life, provides daily opportunities for children to develop and practice motor skills and ability to control their movement and develop life skills for developing independence self confidence and a sense of community.

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is promoted throughout the setting, with our resident onsite cook.  She prepares fresh healthy variety of meals each day from a winter and summer menu.  The menus are varied on a 4 week cycle and are in the setting for parents to view. All food is cooked without added salt and sugar.


The children regularly bake in the setting.  79 2 81 Stonegate Playroom


During your childs time at our setting, their journey will be logged through Tapestry an online interactive tool, that allows both parents and nursery to post pictures and milestones of childrens learning. This is a secure tool and can be accessed from all tablets and mobile phones with individual parent passcodes.


You are welcome to read our testimonials in the setting. We are a word of mouth and recommendation setting. Come and visit us today and have a cup of tea and see if you like us and read the personal notes from parents.


We would love to hear from you!

Telephone: 0113 2757697