Welcome to 79281 Stonegate Rd


A creative area for messy play, sand water and malleable as well as painting, leads into the Montessori activity area

Children Day Care Leeds

Welcome to 79 2 81 Stonegate Rd

Welcome to the very first childcare setting in Leeds that offers you and your child a place that is as unique as each of the little personalities of the children within our care. A place that combines the safe and secure loving environment of childminding/nannies in a home from home setting on domestic premises of 79 Stonegate Road whilst unlocking your child's potential with different learning philosophies and daily activities  in our day nursery at 81 Stonegate Road.

I am very proud to say together over the past 11 years we have built a very strong family orientated team with over 100 years of experience, in childcare. We are mums, grandmas, aunties all qualified practitioners whose vocation in life is to provide the best emotional, physical and imaginative welfare to the amazing minds within our care.  

Children Day Care LeedsWe pride ourselves on being here for you and your family to listen, support and guide when you have any suggestions, queries  or any worries. 

It was never my intention to work within the setting full time but to provide a home from home atmosphere and security for my 3 children whilst I went to work. However,  as a business woman and mum I soon realised that my vocation had changed and nowadays you will find me in the setting happily playing with the children in our care and overseeing the settings always striving to improve and grow with the individual needs of the children. 

Our main directives are to:

  • Ensure your children are very much cared for, hugs are essential.
  • Ensure that our setting provides a positive approach to learning.
  • Ensure we treat all our customer, staff and children with respect
  • Provide a stimulating and positive learning environment at affordable prices.
  • Create a memoir learning journey that you can all enjoy for years and years to come.
  • To strive to be the best that we can.

Children Day Care LeedsWe will always remain small and supportive, life has many twists and turns in the road, no more so than dealing with the expectations of little ones, we strive to ensure that the childcare experience will be a positive journey for you all.  

Please feel free to look through this site and if you require any further information or if you would like to book a visit, please contact me directly and I would be only to pleased to help.

Thank you for your interest in 79 2 81 Stonegate Road Childcare Ltd.

Alison and all the family of 79 2 81 Stonegate Road  xx


You are welcome to read our testimonials in the setting. We are a word of mouth and recommendation setting. Come and visit us today and have a cup of tea and see if you like us and read the personal notes from parents.


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